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The Hottest New Collaborator: AI

29 Aug 2017 | Added Value

Designers, chefs and artists have been teaming up with AI services to create new and exciting pieces they couldn’t have made alone. Learn about four of the most interesting products born from this new form of collaboration.

To Seduce (and Convince) Artificial Intelligence

29 Aug 2017 | Added Value

AI is set to further revolutionise the decisions we make and the way we purchase goods and services. What is the implication for brands?

Top 4 ways to win with archetypes on Instagram

26 Jul 2017 | Added Value

Some brands are totally building an authentic visual style.

Climate ChangeD.

17 Jul 2017 | Added Value

Today we can no longer restrict our focus to just stopping climate change. The question ‘what happens if?’ is now necessarily coupled with ‘what happens when?’

Diversity in the 21st Century

26 May 2017 | Added Value

Three lessons brands can learn about diversity from the entertainment industry to become a real driver of change

Putting the Culture in Multicultural Marketing

26 May 2017 | Added Value

America is in the midst of seismic changes. What does this mean for the face of tomorrow’s consumer market? Are we witnessing the emergence of a new mass market?

Blurring Lines of ‘Wellness’ Brands

24 Apr 2017 | Added Value

This article explores brands that are shaking up the Health & Wellness category.

Gender bias on Instagram

27 Mar 2017 | Added Value

We thought visual social media was fertile ground to analyse gender bias.

Consumers on Instagram: Through their looking glass

27 Jan 2017 | Added Value

A tangible picture of your brand’s earned equity and the world around it.

La France, l’autre berceau de l’iconicité

26 Jan 2017 | Added Value

Kantar Added Value a tenté de définir les ingrédients de l’iconicité des marques, et a identifié six grandes composantes.

Millennials and centennials: How young generations will transform the years to come

06 Jan 2017 | Added Value

This article argues that Millennials have reached the age where their values are impacting the era in which they live, and on which they will leave an indelible trace.

What’s Hot in Culture 2016

26 Jan 2016 | Cultural Insight Team

To connect with the things people really care about, it is vital to understand and even anticipate what those things might be.

Get your Brand moving

01 Jun 2012 | Added Value

Brews who?

31 Jan 2012 | Added Value

What are you worth to Facebook?

24 Aug 2011 | Added Value

Think young

25 Aug 2010 | Added Value

Can't cook? Or won't cook? Will anyone cook in 2030?

25 Jun 2010 | Added Value

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Archive of Points of View

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Adapting in Times of Change

31 Oct 2008 | Added Value

Ethical issues move up the consumer agenda

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Branding for Good - Issue 9

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Perceptions of Color: Global Market Bias

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Designing Digital Experiences for Youth

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