Sandrine McClure

Managing Director, France

A graduate in both Business from France and Finance from London, Sandrine is passionate about working on products and experiences that affect the senses.

She briefly worked client side before joining a London based research agency 20 years ago.  She has not looked back since, honing her skills on international brand positioning and market understanding.

Sandrine is a frequent speaker at conferences and chaired the Esomar Qualitative Conference Committee in 2011.

Olivier Auroy

Managing Director, France

Olivier graduated from Sciences-Po Paris and La Sorbonne CELSA.
He started his career as a naming expert and to date, he is the father of more than 100 brand names all around the globe.

He has been working in the WPP group for the last 17 years, bringing his international experience (2 years in Italy, 9 years in the Middle East) to prestigious branding companies such as Landor, CBA Design and FITCH.
He has rebranded companies and organizations such as HEC Paris, Orange, Selecta, BFGoodrich, the World Anti Doping Agency, PMU and Royal Air Maroc.

He joined Kantar Added Value in May 2017 as Joint Managing Director.
Olivier won bronze at Cannes Lion Awards in 2009 in the retail category. He also won gold at WPPED cream creative award in 2010 in the product category, for the celebrated BQ sunglasses project.

Olivier is a writer. He published three novels with Éditions Intervalles.

Claire-Anne Boukaïa

Director, France

Claire-Anne studied sociology and anthropology at the Sorbonne in France and UCL in the UK.

She has over 15 years of international qualitative experience and has spent the last 10 years with Kantar Added Value in both Paris and London.

Claire-Anne loves to immerse herself in different cultures and get to grips with the evolving needs and motivations of consumers. She is also an innovative thinker, always discovering new ways to unearth insights and bring them to life for her clients, for example through blogs and apps.

Anne Quénelle

Director, France

Anne has more than 15 years experience in marketing consultancy, and has spent the last 4 years with Kantar Added Value in Paris. Prior to this, she worked client-side at Louis Vuitton and in two leading international research agencies: Ipsos and Kantar TNS, where she specialised in market segmentation and brand projects across many categories and markets.

What Anne loves most is digging into new universes and immersing herself in different cultures. She also loves exploring new ways of working, and was responsible for developing new approaches (qual & quant) for the French agency Repères.

Anne studied Marketing and graduated with an MBA from the University of Ottawa. Curious in nature and passionate about understanding consumer behaviour, she then studied Sociology at Sorbonne University.

Alexandre Thomas

Director, France

Alexandre studied Physics & Engineering at the National Institute for Advanced Science in France, prior to shifting his focus on consulting, brands & culture.

He has over 12 years of management & strategy consulting experience and has spent the last 5 years with Kantar Added Value in Paris.

Alexandre loves to dive head-first into culture to observe how it is constantly changing, how brands can interact with it, and how we can predict its future evolutions. Passionate about brands, Alexandre loves to dig into brands’ histories and core values to devise the best possible strategies that have the power to leave their mark in people’s lives.